Fast Feet to the Wall

Mike Cook, Mason Makos

For senior prep 11-15 year olds. We notice a lack of effort with our flip turns. Knees in a ball and feet not accelerating over the top. We worked on Monday with them and put them through this set today. The whole time reminding them the focus feet over the top and accelerate into the wall.

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Pre-Champs Set with Mason Makos

Coach Mike Cook, Mason Makos

11-14 year olds as they prepare for JO’s

Meet warm up (about 1500)

Pre set


4×50 kick @1:00 (odds fast/easy)(evens easy fast)

4×25 Major @40 (focus streamline and underwater to 3 fast breakout strokes than easy)

Main set

4×200 free

#1 fast first 50

#2 fast middle 100

#3 fast last 50


4×100 free with fins

#1 first 25 fast

#2 middle 50 fast

#3 last 50 fast



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Working Our Underwaters with Tempo Trainers

Mike Cook, Mason Makos

4 rounds odd rounds fly even rounds back. Fast fish kicks underwater get up when you decelerate into fast stroke.  Stay with the beep and feel the difference. Fly no breath first stroke. Can not past 15 meter with fins

4x8x25 @35 fins

1st round TT@0.7. 2nd round TT@0.6. 3rd round TT@0.5. 4th round TT @0.4


20×50 @50. Odds fly to back evens back with fins


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Back or Breast + IM Finisher

Coach Mike Cook, Mason Makos

For the backstrokes and breast strokers with IM to finish the day off

Our warm up has included these 20 underwater dolphins for the last three weeks. With the goal being 12.5 on odds and 10 meters on evens. Last 4 are always to 15 meter mark. Kids really feel it is improving their turns

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14 & Un Workout to Prep For BIG IM Saturday

Mike Cook, Makos Swimming

Warm up

200 mixer x25

200 kick


3×50 free all out

Round 1@50 rest 30

Round 2 @45 rest 45

Round 3 @40 rest 60

Round 4@35

Pre set technique

12 x75 back 25 kick 25 shotgun 25 fast swim @1:15

REPEAT THE 50 set from above but with backstroke and fins fast tempo

200 easy kick

Main set

8×25 breast stroke (get stroke count) @35

5×50 breast with fins @50 stroke count -1

4×25 free all out coach send off 2 second apart

5×100 breast with fins @2:00 stroke count -2

6×25 free all out same as above



Turn and Racing Technique Workout for Age Groupers

Mike Cook, Mason Makos

This is the workout we did for 12 and unders before the last qualifier heading into JO’s.  A little bit of everything. Hope it helps -Coach Mike


12×75 (50 free/25 back) @1:20

All open turns emphasizing throwing our hips and legs into wall fast with good head position.

12×25 kick (25 easy choice/25 fast free)@35

Main set

12×35@1:15 (all choice) start at 10 meter. Execute perfect turn 4 fast strokes out of turn.  Nothing good happens near the wall if we slow down

12×15 fast free no breath

(Alternate through these)

Kick set to emphasize short bursts at end of races with partners

Go to the 10 as a group.  Now go to the 15. Now to the wall

Cycle through 12 times

Repeat the main cycle but with 4 main stroke and 2 free

Repeat kick cycle 6 times but go to the 15. Than go to wall. Last one the whole 25 fast

Main set 2 racing the 100. Do with fins


2×100 free @2:00

1×25 easy kick on back

Strong first 25 and race that middle 50 and get home. Don’t be afraid of the race accept the challenge

4×25 from a dive walk around. One each stroke. All out with great finishes.No fins.  (Backstroke big girl/boy finishes)