Turn and Racing Technique Workout for Age Groupers

Mike Cook, Mason Makos

This is the workout we did for 12 and unders before the last qualifier heading into JO’s.  A little bit of everything. Hope it helps -Coach Mike


12×75 (50 free/25 back) @1:20

All open turns emphasizing throwing our hips and legs into wall fast with good head position.

12×25 kick (25 easy choice/25 fast free)@35

Main set

12×35@1:15 (all choice) start at 10 meter. Execute perfect turn 4 fast strokes out of turn.  Nothing good happens near the wall if we slow down

12×15 fast free no breath

(Alternate through these)

Kick set to emphasize short bursts at end of races with partners

Go to the 10 as a group.  Now go to the 15. Now to the wall

Cycle through 12 times

Repeat the main cycle but with 4 main stroke and 2 free

Repeat kick cycle 6 times but go to the 15. Than go to wall. Last one the whole 25 fast

Main set 2 racing the 100. Do with fins


2×100 free @2:00

1×25 easy kick on back

Strong first 25 and race that middle 50 and get home. Don’t be afraid of the race accept the challenge

4×25 from a dive walk around. One each stroke. All out with great finishes.No fins.  (Backstroke big girl/boy finishes)

Fun Kick Set for Age Groupers with Coach Mike Cook

Mike Cook
Mason Makos

We wanted to come up with a fun type kicking set with our 12 and unders to help them with that last 10 yards of their races

Warm up
12 x100
4 free @1:45
4xIM @1:40
4xfree @1:30

4×50 free to back @50 with fast turn and 5 second underwater dolpins

40 x 12.5 @25
   1 minute rest
30 x 12.5 @20
   1 minute rest
20 x 12.5 @15
   1 minute rest
10 x 12.5 @13

All 30 swimmers left from middle of pool to both ends. We had 5 lanes.   We got some good kicking with high energy from the kids.  It provided a good change as I noticed they were dragging a little the other day

We than went into a big main set of 20×100’s

Racing With Coach Mike Cook and the Mason Makos

Mike Cook
Mason Makos

We had extra room today and so we decided to have the kids race a lot.  We wanted them to understand that even though they were tired they were still able to get up and race back to back.

24×25 free with snorkels@30 (focus on long stroke head steady)
24×25 back @30 (focus how far can you push the underwater, but you have to be up in 5 seconds)

Pre set
12×50 kick @1:00
12 x50 free pull@1:00 paddles
12×50 free to back @1:00 fast turns hold underwater for 5 seconds

Main set
1×50 free all out for time
10×50 free all out for time with fins ( must beat time fro first)
100 easy kick and get ready for one more 50
1×50 free for time with fins (fastest of day)

We had 24 8-12 year olds and all 8 lanes (3 heats of 8 with one heat swimming at a time. The next heat was responsible for getting the time and letting them know.  The kids had a good time and felt involved with each other.

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IM Ready with Coach Mike Cook

Coach Mike Cook
Mason Makos

We are 2 weeks out from our IMX meet and so we did this set with our senior prep group(11-14)

4×200 IM/free @2:45
4×100 IM FAST@1:40
4×50 fly/back @1:00

3×200 IM/free@2:45
3×100 IM FAST @1:30
3×50 back /breast @50

2×200 IM/free@2:45
2×100 IM FAST@1:20
2×50 breast/free@1:00

1×200 IM/free@2:45
1×100 IM FAST @1:15
1×50 free all out

1×400 IM ( get out and dive at each wall how tight can you make those streamlines)

All 200 IM are distance for stroke on IM portion.  All free is fast

Broken Miles with Coach Mike Cook

Mike Cook
Mason Makos

We did this yesterday as we came off a big meet and get ready for our mile swim after the holidays.

Warm up
200 swim 200 kick

66x 25 free @30 with snorkels. Stay focus and long

33×50 free to back @1:00. Build to fast flip with good dolphins off each turn

16×100 free odds @1:20 evens @1:10
1×50 all out free

66×25 kick with fins. Every 6th one underwater dolphin to 15 meter @ 35

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