Feel that P500 burn!

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

I explained before the set that this was not necessarily set up for them to succeed on all 4 x 100s.  My intent was to challenge them to hit their goal times, not to make it simple for them.  The first round was difficult and some failed to make their objectives.  They stepped up big after that and we had many swimmers making the Goal 500 pace on the last few rounds!

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To Swim Fast at the Meet, Swim Fast at Practice; How to Train Consistently at "Race Pace"

Ryan Woodruff

I have written before on this blog about using Pace Cards at practice to help swimmers accurately and consistently train at “race pace.”  Today I am sharing the Pace Cards that we use for training.  Simply type in your best times and goal times in each event and the Pace Card will show you how fast to swim for different training distances in order to be swimming at actual “race pace.” Try it out, and if you have any questions, let me know how I can help.

Click here to download the Excel file to easily create your own SCY Pace Card.

Click here for the LCM version.

Click here to download brief instructions on how to use your Pace Card.

We use these cards frequently at practice.  Click on the “race pace” label at right to see workouts that put this powerful knowledge to use.

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