Friday Beast Day with the Hawks and @ErinQuinn11

There is not TGIF for Hawks Swimmers. Gearing up for LCM I went for Friday, #BeastDay and put our swimmers to work with a lot of race-paced swimming. They threw it down.

1400 yrd Warm-up (Swim, Kick, Drill all strokes)

800FR for time (Goal: go under the time assigned and negative split)

200EZ recovery swim

8×25 sprint body dolphin kick on back in streamline :30 sec

6×100 BK Descend 1-3 (1:15) 4-6 (1:10) the last three under 1:05 and descending!

3x200IM Descend on 2:20

Challenge: If 2 of our Hawks Backstrokers could swim within 4 seconds of their PB we would scrap the 200IMs

They did it!

6x50FR 1-3 descend :35 4-6 descend :30

8×75 IM Order Under/Kick/Sprint + 15 sec of vertical kick

Cool down–Relays!

Happy Friday!


Ron "Stix" Ballatore Tribute Workout

Everyone who met Coach Ballatore will not soon forget him. Read more on his bio and his passing Here.

“Stix” knew how to get guys to go fast. Here is a set that he loved to do at the end of practice. We did it frequently when I had the honor of having him on deck while I was in Gainesville.   It is a good, challenging, team-building set to finish a workout.

Divide your group up into teams of four or five swimmers, and put a swimmer from each team in each lane. All swimmers on a given team will swim a no-breath 25 simultaneously. Before they start, the coach assigns one swimmer from the team a goal time for the no-breath 25. If that swimmer completes the 25 without taking a breath and beats the goal time, he earns a point for his team.  Then the next team takes its turn.  Each team is done (and gets out and goes home) when they score a pre-determined number of points.  Swimmers get fired up for their teammates and for their own 25s.  The coach can control the intensity by adjusting the 25 goal times.

Thanks, Stix.  You will be missed.

Medley and Free Sets for Success

Great mixed Medley/Fs sets that work well with all swimmers (times adjusted accordingly)
1600 IM as
50 Fs, 50 Fly
100 Fs, 100 Bk
150 Fs, 150 Brst
200 Fs, 200 IM
150 Fs, 150 Fly
100 Fs, 100 Bk
50 Fs, 50 Brst
Focus on good technique, especially towards end of set
20 x 100 Fs as
8 @ 1.20
6 @ 1.15
4 @ 1.10
2 @ 1.05
Work distance per stroke, turns & finishes
8 x 150 as (twice through)
# 1 – All Fs
# 2 – All Kick
# 3 – IM (Leave out Form stroke)
# 4 – All Form
20 x 50 Fs Jump Outs as
10 @ 50
6 @ 45
4 @ 40
Individual Pressure Swims;
Pick swimmer for ‘Pressure swim’ and give him/her 10/15 minutes to prepare. Leave poolside whilst others continue with session. Bring ‘competitior’ out and get all other swimmers out of pool to support him/her. Swimmers then has to race and be within 1% of best time. If they make the time, all swimmers swim down and leave early. If the swimmer fails, they ALL do 1000m Max for time. Great for teamwork/team building.

Blast From the Past #2

Chris Webb, SwimMAC Carolina

This post is the second of two submissions by Coach Webb detailing workouts from past stops in his coaching career (Click here for #1).  This set originally was a creation of Chris Plumb of the Carmel Swim Club from 2008.

15×200 on 3:00-3:30 choice
If the swimmer is within 10 of their best time they skip two 200’s. If they are within 15 of their best they skip one. 16+ they skip none. So the set could be 5×200’s on 9:00 or it could be a whole lot of painful 200’s 16 over your best. This set rewards performance.

Revised Mountain Climbers

Dani Caldwell, SUSA Stingrays

Another one we recently did to stir things up at High School practice (created by Coach Brandon Darrington) — “Revised Mountain Climbers” — we did serpentine 25’s (swim down in lane 3, back in lane 4, down in lane 5, back in lane 6, etc.) until lane 8.  At the end of lane 7, they had to get out and do a dive-start on their 8th 25.  One of the coaches timed each swimmer from the dive (we ran around a lot!), and the swimmer had to guess to the hundredth their time.  If they guessed correctly to within 0.05 seconds, they got to warm down and be done with practice.  If not, they had to start the serpentine all over again.  The second round we let them guess to the nearest 0.10.  The third round to the nearest 0.20, etc.  It was surprising that even some of my best swimmers weren’t guessing as accurately as I thought they would, and that some of the less-seasoned swimmers were guessing correctly.  It was fun for most of the kids — I don’t think those who had to repeat 7-8 times were having as much fun!

Hope that’s of use somehow!