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Determining Goal Paces
Use these excel spreadsheets to create a customized “pace card” for each of your athletes. This will allow you to train precisely at race pace for every event you could possibly swim!
Choose your course:  SCY  SCM  LCM  SCM training for SCY events
Be sure to look at the “Pace card instructions”

The Swimming Calculator
Your time in a swimming race depends upon the tempo, cycle count, stroke length, turns, and underwater kicking that you employ. The Swimming Calculator is an excel spreadsheet that allows you to manipulate these factors and see the effect on your time. Do you know how many strokes and at what tempo you need to take them to make that cut? The Swimming Calculator can help you figure it out.  This is something I am still tinkering with and would love to have input about from other coaches.

Click here to download The Swimming Calculator.


The 15m Chunks Chart for Sprinters. This chart gives race paces for starts, turns, and finishes. Use it for training or in racing to judge these technical elements of your race.

Jon Urbanchek’s Excel Sheets for Aerobic Distance Training
Many of you know and admire the legend, one of the funniest and most successful men on the pool deck.  He pioneered distance training based on the T-30.  Click here to download his Excel sheets for determining training paces.

Stroke Tempo Charts
Russell Mark from USA Swimming put together some excellent charts on stroke tempos from the 2012 US Olympic Trials