Speed, Underwater Kicking, and Fly

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

Little bit of speed, underwater kicking, and fly. Dirty 20 = 10m no breath free sprint, flip, and dolphin kick back to the wall. B3 = breathe every 3 strokes.

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UCLA Tough Set

Karissa Kruszewski, UCLA Assistant Coach

This one gets a little tougher at the end as you go!

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Power Bags and Posture Kicking with Coach Anzano

Coach Mike Anzano, COM Aquatics

Great quality work with power bags this morning.

We pushed the effort with the bags on then we saw how fast we could swim for 75s kicks. We had 2 boys go 51 and a girl go 52, that’s some fast kicking! PK means posture kick, kicking with your body straight with a snorkel.

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The Dollar Store

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

Remember when everything used to be $1 at the dollar store?  Simple and easy to figure out like today’s workout intervals.

60 x ? @ 1:00

Done in 6 sets of 10. Everything is @ 1:00. Every set finishes with 1:00 vertical kick with hands out of the water. This allows time to see the next set of 10.  FPA = Fastest Possible Average. JMI = Just Make It

Set #1 — 3 x ( 25 no breath free + 50 choice FPA + 75 JMI) + 1:00 vertical kick

Set #2 — 4.5 x (50 choice FPA + 75 JMI) + 1:00 vertical kick

Set #3 — 3 x (75 choice FPA + 50 ez choice) + 100 Free FPA + 50 ez + 100 Free FPA + 1:00 vertical kick

Set #4 — 3 x ( 25 no breath free + 50 build w fast turn + 75 choice FPA) + 1:00 vertical kick

Set #5 — 25 all out + 50 ez + 50 all out + 50 ez + 75 all out + 50 ez + 50 all out + 25 ez + 25 all out + 1:00 vertical kick

Set #6 – 4.5 x (100 free FPA + 50 ez) + 1:00 vertical kick


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Awesomely Fun Halloween Set

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

We did this set last year on Halloween with our top group. The sets each have a slight Halloween theme. “Candy Clash” was a race where the group was divided up into three teams and each team had to put up at least one team member for a race, and each team member had to participate in one Candy Clash. Candy Clash swims were handicapped to best times and Candy was awarded to the group with a system similar to point scoring at a meet… 9 pieces of candy for first, 5 for second, 3 for third, 2 for fourth, and 1 for fifth. At the end of the night, each team split up the candy as they saw fit.

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Long Axis Day

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

This practice was devoted entirely to long axis strokes – back and free.

The blue set in the middle was a technical progression. The 25 was scull, the 50 was 25 scull/25 kick and rotate, and keep adding a skill or drill up to 150. On the way back down to 25, subtract the skill/Drill from the front end to finish with a 25 Swim.

“People paddle” = free with underwater recovery, like advanced doggie paddle

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IM 6-4-2

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA


1 x 600 IM/Bk/IM/Br/IM/Fr by 100 @8:30

1 x 400 free steady w snorkels, optional paddles @5:30

1 x 400 IM/Bk/IM/Br by 100 @5:40

1 x 400 Free same as above

1 x 200 IM @2:50 Goal is to be within :30 of best SCY time )swimming in SCM)

1 x 400 free same as above

Free the Flyers

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

Yesterday’s post was a fly set for our true Flyers. Today’s set was for the portion of our group that is primarily distance-free focused whom I also wanted to challenge with some fly.

This set was for SCM, and we had a “roll the dice” component just like the Flyers. In the case of the distance group, we rolled two dice and added the numbers rolled together to determine how many 50s we would do at the end of the set. The 50s were fly/free by 25 and hitting P1000 turned out to be a tough yet appropriate challenge.