Kick Set with a Kicker

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

This kick set will be a bit of a challenge if done correctly.

10 x 100 kick choice, but all same stroke, descend 1-10, pay attention to clock

#1-4 @ :10 rest

#5-7 @ :20 rest

#8-10 @ :30 rest

200 ez swim with fast turns and 4+ underwater kicks

6 x 100 kick @ :20 rest, goal is for all 6 to be faster than #8 from the first set

Editor’s note: This post was originally published to this blog in August 2017. Check out our scrollable archives below for more hidden gems!

Burning The Candle at Both Ends

Erik Wiken

First time I ran this, kids had never heard of the phrase before and didn’t understand why I would call this set that name. After 20 x 25s, they knew why…

1. Partner Up:

-You will need 1 Buoy & 1 Kickboard per tandem, both with center-mount snorkel (HIGHLY recommended)
2. 20 x 25 @ 1:00 (interval & # of repeats according to ability)

(want to make it longer?, suggest breaking @ 1/2 or 1/3s with a 50 easy on same interval)

One person does a 25 sprint scull (hands out in front of snorkel), head in line

The other person does a 25 sprint FR tombstone kick**, head in line

Rotate equipment after each 25
**Tombstone Kick: Stand board on end, grab 1/2 way and stick bottom half in the water. Board stays vertical. (We also do tombstone kick sets where the last repeat (usually 25s) we “bury it”, board is vertical and totally submerged.)

Editor’s Note: This set was first published to the Swimming Wizard blog in 2010

The Dolphin Maker

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg  YMCA

Want to have a killer underwater kick in your arsenal for the end of a race? You had better practice kicking hard and fast under fatigue! Try this one:

5x through:

4 x 100 free w/ fins 1 @ 1:10, 1 @ 1:05, 2 @ 1:00

This initial set of 100s is intended to put the athlete in a fatigued state. Then immediately go into:

6 x 25 @ :30  First 2 with fins, last 4 no fins: #1 All UW dolphin kick, #2-6 Max UW kick and then sprint

:30 extra rest to put fins back on.

Editor’s note: This set was originally published to this blog in 2010


Kick Stations

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

Lately we haven’t had as much lane space as we are accustomed to, and one day last week we had nearly 40 high-school-aged swimmers in 4 lanes. We did the following kick stations that allowed us to put nearly 20 swimmers in one lane for the first station while spreading the other 20 out over the three remaining lanes. Turned out to be a pretty good kick set.

Underwater Kicking Power & Lightning Speed Set

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

We did this set at the end of a long practice that included dryland that was heavy on the legs and a long kick set. The goal was to work some underwater power and then get some “lightning speed” underwater kicks at the end of each round. It worked well, with a few of our swimmers setting personal bests & team records at the 25m underwater kicking distance.

For the part written in green, one athlete wore the belt/cord and a partner stood on the deck and held the cord to provide the resistance.

Turn and Racing Technique Workout for Age Groupers

Mike Cook, Mason Makos

This is the workout we did for 12 and unders before the last qualifier heading into JO’s.  A little bit of everything. Hope it helps -Coach Mike


12×75 (50 free/25 back) @1:20

All open turns emphasizing throwing our hips and legs into wall fast with good head position.

12×25 kick (25 easy choice/25 fast free)@35

Main set

12×35@1:15 (all choice) start at 10 meter. Execute perfect turn 4 fast strokes out of turn.  Nothing good happens near the wall if we slow down

12×15 fast free no breath

(Alternate through these)

Kick set to emphasize short bursts at end of races with partners

Go to the 10 as a group.  Now go to the 15. Now to the wall

Cycle through 12 times

Repeat the main cycle but with 4 main stroke and 2 free

Repeat kick cycle 6 times but go to the 15. Than go to wall. Last one the whole 25 fast

Main set 2 racing the 100. Do with fins


2×100 free @2:00

1×25 easy kick on back

Strong first 25 and race that middle 50 and get home. Don’t be afraid of the race accept the challenge

4×25 from a dive walk around. One each stroke. All out with great finishes.No fins.  (Backstroke big girl/boy finishes)

Kicking Down the New Year with Coach Brad Herndon

Brad Herndon

Head Coach
Greensboro Community YMCA
This is one of our “countdown sets” we did today long course meters after our hardest workout last night. We are down in Florida training outdoors! 

It takes exactly 1 hour and 50 min and is 5500 LCM, it is the warmup, pre-set, main-set, everything except cooling down (we did 400 with fins ez), only equipment needed is a board (although several used snorkels):

10 x 50’s swim at :55
10 x 50’s kick at 1:05
9 x 50’s swim at :55
9 x 50’s kick at 1:05
8 x 50’s swim at :55
8 x 50’s kick at 1:05
7 x 50’s swim at :55
7 x 50’s kick at 1:05
6 x 50’s swim at :55
6 x 50’s kick at 1:05
5 x 50’s swim at :55
5 x 50’s kick at 1:05
4 x 50’s swim at :55
4 x 50’s kick at 1:05
3 x 50’s swim at :55
3 x 50’s kick at 1:05
2 x 50’s swim at :55
2 x 50’s kick at 1:05
1 x 50’s swim at :55
1 x 50’s kick at 1:05


Any stroke board optional as long as you can make the interval!

Last 50 in a series is all out sprint!

Each lower number of 50 cycles you pick up your speed

Fly Challenge (optional, 6 of our 34 did this): The last 4-3-2-1 swims are all butterfly!

Anytime you choose fly or back you have to go for the 15m mark!

All sprint kicks goal is under :45!

The intervals we did take you away from the top then you work back towards the top…

All levels did this, highlights:

We had a 35 br sprint (boys) and a a few 39’s girls

Several 27’s from boys on free

A kicker broke 40 a few times…

Wild and Wacky Kick Set with Coach Dan Mascolo of CDOG

Dan Mascolo
Associate Head Coach

Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club (CDOG-CT)

We did this kick set a month or two ago and the kids really liked it. They named it the “Wild and Wacky Kick Set”.

8x      {5x Streamline Blastoffs @ :25

          {:06 Vert Fly Kick (try to do at least 10 kicks) @ :15
          {        2 rounds arms crossed
          {        2 rounds hands out of the water
          {        2 rounds elbows out of the water
          {        2 rounds streamlined
          {:30 Wall Kick right into
          {25 Sprint Kick on board @ 1:00
They LOVED it and worked harder than usual without realizing it.
Here is a time-lapse video of it: