Overdistance IM set with Coach Alex Baxter

Alex Baxter

Associate Director of Competitive Aquatics
Wilton Y Wahoos

This week I’m working with my top group of 11-12 year old kids on some over distance swims. I have two goals with this; 1- help the kids prepare for longer swims and longer sets in our Junior group without anyone losing count or focus. 2- use the longer swims to help the kids develop a sense of pace. This set from the other night worked well on both accounts.
1×450 progressive IM treadmill (25fly 50free 25fly 25back 50free 25fly 25back 25breast 50free 100 IM 50free). :45R
2×350 150 free 50 kick 150 free (2nd 150 needs to be faster than first 150) :45R
3×250 100 IM 50 back 100 IM (2nd 100 IM faster than 1st 100 IM. Think of a 200 IM where 1st length of each leg is DPS and 2nd length of each leg is fast). :30R
4×125 fins 100 free descend 25 prime fast on 1:55

Wilton Y Wahoos Practice with Coach Alex Baxter

Alex Baxter

Head Age Group Coach

Wilton Y Wahoos 

Here is a practice we did with our top 12&under group this week. It was a blast and I thought it’d be a good one to share.

Two notes- jump starts are 25s starting at the flags to work a turn. Fish flops are dive fast 25 + recovery 25. Dive in lanes 2,3,5. Come back recovery in lanes 1,4,6. Called fish flops because it’s 25 dive focused on fish kick and flop back to the blocks.

Swim Workout of the Day: Lionville Riptide

Alex Baxter
Head Coach- Lionville Riptide Swim Team

Love the site. I have been using it for ideas recently so I thought I’d share a set that came about from ideas here. This is a 1:45 practice for our Junior and Senior Group

Sunday, December 16, 2012
                4×100 hold stroke count :15R
                6×50 4 kick 2 swim :10R
                4×50 S/D :10R
                12×25 build burst ez fast :30
Gear- pick your poison (fins, snorkels, paddles, all)
2xthru-change up the gear after round 1
                2×50 at 200 pace 1:15
                2×75 moderate 1:15
                2×100 within 2 seconds of pace from 50’s 1:45
                2×75 moderate 1:15
                Extra :30R to switch gear
2×75 1:15/1:20   1- fl/ba/br, 2-ba/br/fr
4×100 free 1:20/1:25 (hold 1:15/1:20 minimum)
2×75 1-50fl/25ba 2-25fl/50ba
4×100 free 1:25/1:30 (hold 1:12/1:18 minimum)
2×75 1:15/1:20   1- 50ba/25br, 25ba/50br
4×100 free 1:30/1:35 (hold 1:08/1:15 minimum)
2×75 1:15/1:20   1- fl/ba/br, 2-ba/br/fr
4×100 free 1:35/1:40 (hold 1:05/1:12minimum)
Gear- use variety you have yet to use
1×600 50 fast/150 build back to fast :30R
6×50 1-2 DPS, 3-6 breathe control (breathe 3/3 max) :10R
1×200 cruise

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