Freestyle Balance and Pull Set

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

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This is a small technique set we did combining paddlehead drill with some one-arm pulling for balance and strength.  I liked how our strokes looked after this set.

Beat Your Best With Fins

Ryan Woodruff

LCM – We performed this set 3x through. The goal for each swim with fins & paddles is to beat your lifetime best 100m time. This set works for any stroke, and it may work best for some butterflyers to do it without paddles.

100 with fins & paddles + 100 ez swim @ 3:00
100 with fins & paddles + 200 ez swim @ 4:30
100 with fins & paddles + 300 ez swim @ 6:00

The Anti-Piano Set

Scott Dunn and Mary Young
Northwest NC YMCA Riptyde

12 x 50 “Fly”

Odds: 25 Fly controlled speed- around 15 sec for girls, faster for boys. They stop to hear time, then 25 Free.
Evens: “Phelps, not Piano”. 25 Free, 25 Fly. How often have you seen a great 90 yd fly ruined by a PIANO dropping on the swimmer somewhere around the flags? they build a strong 25, surging to the wall from outside the flags,then must “stick the landing” exactly- a la PHELPS v. Cavic.