Today’s Breaststroke Set

Ryan Woodruff

We performed the set below with our sectional-level breaststroke group.  There are essentially two parts to the set.  The first part (above the dotted line) stresses technique with a LONG stroke and gradually builds to an up-tempo stroke at the end of the 100s.  During this first part, “TT” stands for the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro which we use on a regular basis.  Using mode 1, we have it set at 4.00, meaning the swimmer initiates a stroke once every 4 seconds.  This is usually an uncomfortably long time to glide for our swimmers (a good thing!).  We bring the TT down to 3.00 for the 2 x 150 and then to 2.00 on the 100s and have the swimmers shoot for 2 strokes during the 2.00 seconds in the last 10-15 yards of each 100.  This combination of technique and tempo sets them up well for the second part of the set.

In the second part (below the dotted line), we are essentially challenging our swimmers in two ways on two sets of 6 x 100s.  The first set challenges the efficiency of their underwater pullouts and breath-holding ability.  The second set of 6 x 100 just challenges their endurance and the integrity of their stroke.  The goal is simply to make all of the intervals and maintain stroke technique.

1 x 300 done as 75 br/25 free B5 @:20 rest  with TT set @4.00
2 x 150 done as 50 br/25 free B5 @:20 rest with TT set @3.00
3 x 100  50 br with TT@2.00/50 br build to 2 cycles per beep (1 per 1.00)
6 x 100 @1:30
   2 with 1 pullout descend
   2 with 2 pullouts descend and not slower than first two
   2 with 3 pullouts descend and not slower than first four
200 easy backstroke @4:00
6 x 100 breaststroke swim
   2@1:15 Make it!