Challenging Set from Coach Jack Roney

Jack Roney
Head Age Group Coach
Raleigh Swimming Association

300s/200s/100s are aerobic based recovery (another group did same swims but at +:05sec for interval per 100)

25s/50s were as fast as they could holding pattern following breathing pattern – some just had to make it – others pushed it HARD. 75s were just fast for breakouts – they did amazing on it.

200/150/100 were from push – I gave option for a few of them to work either Fly or IM. Finished with solid swims!

Completed the set in 55 minutes.

2×300 Free Pull Buoy Only on 4:00 (BIG STROKES)
10×25 Free w/fins (1 Breath Per 25) on :20 (HOLD STRONGEST PACE POSSIBLE)
-:30 sec break-
200 For Time 
3×200 Free Pull Buoy Only on 2:30 
10×50 Free w/fins on :40 – 1 Down / 2 Back breaths by 25 (STRONGEST POSSIBLE PACE)
-:30 sec break-
150 For Time

6×100 Free on 1:10 
10×75 Free w/fins on 1:00– 4 HUGE/FAST Dolphin 
à 3 BLAST strokes to start each 25
-:30 sec break-

100 For Time

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Speed set for taper time

Jack D. Roney
Assistant Senior Coach/YOTA Masters

Here is a set that I have found extremely beneficial as a great “Approaching Taper” speed set. It allows the swimmers to focus on quality of stroke while still trying to put in some speed as the athletes approach a taper meet.

500 Free on 5:30
16×25 (1-Smooth / 3-FAST) on :40

400 Free on 5:30

12×25 (1- Smooth / 2-FAST) on :40

300 Free on 5:30

8×25 (1-Smooth / 1-FAST) on :40

200 Free on 5:30

4×25 (ALL FAST) on :40

100 Free on 5:30

1×50 (For Time — SPRINT)

**NOTES: The 500/400/300/200/100 should be all focus on technique. A bit more speed may have to be put into the first 500 depending on the level of swimmer you are coaching, but the 400/300/200/100 should become much “easier” to make the interval. Therefore, attention to detail in EVERY aspect remains high. Perfection swimming is the goal in all non-“FAST” swims.

As you get more rest, the FAST 25s should be as described (100% intensity) but with obvious focus on technique.

I made the athletes hop out of the water after the 300/200/100 and stretch for several minutes before the next set of 25s began.

Quality during the weeks leading up to a meet was the main focus when I was being coached, and is by-far the most important aspect in my workouts AS a coach for my athletes as we approach our taper meet.