Fartlek and Stations

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

We did the fartlek set followed by 4 rotations of the stations below. The diving well underwater kicks were done hooked to a stretch cord anchored to a nearby fence for resistance.

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Full Spectrum Heart Rate Zone Set with Coach Clarke Nyman

Clarke Nyman
Head Age Group Coach
Eagle Swim Team

Full Spectrum Heart Rate Zone Set.  Starts Aerobic and goes Anerobic Quickly.  A Interval is a 1:17 descending to a :58 Pace.   B Interval is a 1:22 pace descending to a 1:04 pace.  The minute rest is to let everyone collect themselves and really nail the 500’s.  
This set really emphasizes front half speed, followed by a controlled back half effort.  Those with the best attitudes will nail this set!!

Distance Freestyle Set with Coach Andy Figgins in Scotland

Coach Andy Figgins
East Kilbride Swim Team

A set for my distance group, was done about 8 weeks out from Nationals

3 x (4×400 free                        BBM = Heart Rate Beats Below Max

       (4×100 free all on 1.30
Set 1 400s aerobic on 5.00 
           100s 40/50 BBM
Set 2 400s descend on 5.15
            100s 20/30 BBM
Set 3 400s best ave on 5.30
            100s best hold
All the best for 2017

Distance Free and Stroke HR Set with Specific Technical Focus

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

“Individual Technique” refers to specific stroke corrections that were highlighted in individual meetings with swimmers.  We were asking swimmers to have their 10-second HR at 20-24 beats after each 500.  The green portion was for the A, B, and C interval groups to ensure that all completed the set at around the same time.

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