Max Effort 100s with Coach David Laudati

David Laudati
Head Coach
Mandell JCC Sharks (MJCC-CT)

Max Effort 100’s

This was part of our main practice set I did this week for my 11/12’s. At first Glance they freaked but at the end practice they said “I liked this practice, challenging but good.”

100 Max Free (Training time +3) on 2:00
75 Kick (50 w/board 25 SKOB) on1:45 (Streamline Kick on Back)
25 Minimum breaths on 1:15
Repeat 8 times

For the breathing I Challenged them with 3 or less breaths on 1,4,6. 2 or less breaths on 3,5,7 and 1 or less breaths on 8

We set our training times every month based off our test set and meet results – normally 2 to 3 sec’s slower than best time.

My swimmers were hitting close to best times every 100 and really focused on doing less breathing then I had challenge them with