Thanksgiving with Coach Tony Carroll of the Lakeside Seahawks

Tony Carroll
Lakeside Seahawks

Editor’s note: After we posted this workout, it was brought to our attention that Coach Don Heidary is the likely inspiration for this workout.  You can see Coach Heidary’s workout here.  Thank you to Coach Carroll for putting his spin on it.

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Workout Combo with Coach Tony Carroll

Coach Tony Carroll
Lakeside Seahawks

I wanted to share two of my workouts with you.  I coach for the Lakeside Seahawks Swim Team in Louisville, Ky and coach our Senior 13-14 group which is our highest level 13-14 year olds, along with 1 or 2 really advanced 12 year old girls.

We typically do these two sets 3x per year. The first set is usually done on a Monday night and then the second set is done the following morning. 
The first set: Monday PM 

The second set: Tuesday AM
Meet warm up followed by – 
         – 16 x 50 @ 2:00 – As Fast As Possible, Best stroke (1 stroke only), Choice gear, no 15m rule
For the first set, I seperate them into interval groups based on their goal times because it makes it really challenging at the beginning of the season and it reminds them what they are working for. As we repeat the set again in January and then the week before we start our taper in late February / early March, they tend to be very successful with the set and they can see the progress they’ve made. 
The first set pushes them to their limit and is very challenging aerobically. I like doing the second set the morning after for several reasons. 1) It’s good for them to get up and go fast after working hard the night before. 2) When you give them fins and take away the 15m rule, it encouages them to really work their underwaters and they can see how much faster they can go from working their underwaters. They also have to push themselves to stay fast through the whole set. The kids get really excited for this set and do a great job racing each other. 
Last year doing this set the third time, I had a 14 year old girl who averaged 21.3 with seven sub 21 50’s (backstroke with fins) and a 13 year old boy that averaged 20.4 (free with fins) and was able to go under 20 seconds on two of them. Both had huge drops over the course of the season (girl went from a 1:06 lcm / :58 scy 100 back to 1:02.1 lcm / 54.03 scy 100 back. The boy went from :59 scy 100 free to a 50.3 100 free and 9:48 1000 free. The first time they did the set, the girl averaged 23.7 back with fins and the boy averaged 23.9 free with fins. 
It’s fun to watch how the excited the kids get when they see how fast they are able to go. This will be the third year we’ve done these sets and it’s been great for us. Hopefully someone else will be able to benefit from the sets as well.