Friday Beast Day with the Hawks and @ErinQuinn11

There is not TGIF for Hawks Swimmers. Gearing up for LCM I went for Friday, #BeastDay and put our swimmers to work with a lot of race-paced swimming. They threw it down.

1400 yrd Warm-up (Swim, Kick, Drill all strokes)

800FR for time (Goal: go under the time assigned and negative split)

200EZ recovery swim

8×25 sprint body dolphin kick on back in streamline :30 sec

6×100 BK Descend 1-3 (1:15) 4-6 (1:10) the last three under 1:05 and descending!

3x200IM Descend on 2:20

Challenge: If 2 of our Hawks Backstrokers could swim within 4 seconds of their PB we would scrap the 200IMs

They did it!

6x50FR 1-3 descend :35 4-6 descend :30

8×75 IM Order Under/Kick/Sprint + 15 sec of vertical kick

Cool down–Relays!

Happy Friday!