Swim and Dryland Hybrid Set

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

SCM. We have the luxury of having a decent amount of deck space and a brushed concrete deck that allows us to safely combine dryland and swimming into hybrid sets like this one. The swimming parts are free and descend BY ROUND 1-3 and 4-6. An “in & out” starts in the water , then climb out and jump back in.

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Fly Harder

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

We performed this fly set with 22 athletes in 5 narrow lanes (lanes 2-6 in a 6-lane pool). We did the 5 x 25 “snake style” (Swim a 25 in lane 2, move to lane 3, Swim the 2nd 25 in lane 3, move to lane 4, etc). Doing the 25s this way allowed us to practice breathing low to the surface of the water and avoid taking 1-arm sloppy strokes. The 10 squats in between rounds provided a little extra stimulus that made the 25s more challenging too.

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200 Speed Set with Battle Ropes

Ryan Lee
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

Here’s a set we threw down to get aggressive with their 200 speed. Added battle ropes to produce forearm fatigue as they travel down the rabbit hole of the 200.

*Choice of stroke or IM focus*

1st Round

4×50 (:50) followed by 1x25sec Max effort on the battle ropes
* 1st 50 Max speed                (IM focus – Fly)
  2nd 50 last 12 1/2 max         (IM focus – last 12 1/2 BK)
  3rd 50 last 25 max               (IM focus – last 25 BR)
  4th 50 last 37 1/2 max          (IM focus – last 37 1/2 FR)
2nd Round
3×50 (:50) followed by 2x (20sec Max effort/10sec off) on the battle ropes
* 1st 50 Max speed                (IM focus – BK)
  2nd 50 last 25 max               (IM focus – last 25 BR)
  3rd 50 last 37 1/2 max          (IM focus – last 37 1/2 FR)
3rd Round
2×50 (:50) followed by 3x (15sec Max effort/10sec off) on the battle ropes
* 1st 50 Max speed                  (IM focus – BR)
  2nd 50 last 37 1/2 max           (IM focus – last 37 1/2 FR)
4th Round
1×50 Max speed(:50)                 (IM focus – FR)
Followed by 4x (10sec Max effort/10sec off) on the battle ropes
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Freestyle with Press-Outs

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

I like incorporating dryland exercises I to practice occasionally, and deep water means it is an opportunity for one of my favorites — press-outs. A press out is essentially a vertical push-up at the side of the pool. The swimmer starts in the water with his belly close to the wall and hands in the gutter. Pressing down on the gutter, he raises himself up until his upper body is entirely out of the water and then drops back in. It is a great exercise for developing strength for all strokes. Here is one of my favorite sets to incorporate press-outs:

16 x 100 free LCM

#1 – with 4 press-outs at the 50 @1:30

#2 – with 3 press-outs at the 50 @1:25

#3 – with 2 press-outs at the 50 @1:20

#4 – FAST swim (no press-outs) @2:00

You can vary the number of press-outs and the interval to create many different interesting combinations of speed and reps. Make sure your swimmers’ shoulders are ready for the stress and don’t do too much too quickly.

Dryland Descend Fartlek Set

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

3 x 9:00 continuous @ 10:30
   50 freestyle smooth breathing every 3
   10 squats
   50 freestyle from dive @ ~P200 +2
   5 push-ups
  50 freestyle from dive all out
  3 in & outs (climb out of pool, hop back in)
Do as many rounds as possible in 9:00

2nd 9:00 – swimmers do br or fly
3rd 9:00 – swimmers do backstroke

Wetland Challenge Set

Ryan Woodruff
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We did this set last week to include a little dryland in a swimming set (wetland as we call it).  We got excellent efforts and all reported it to be a challenging set. SCM. Interval ended up being 8:00.  Swimmers could choose what order they wanted to do the dryland exercises.  For instance, they could do the 20 x squats w/ high kick after the 1st 100, the 5 burpees after the 2nd 100, the 15 frog jumps after the 3rd 100, etc.  They just had to complete all 4 dryland sets each time.  This led to some interesting strategy among our best swimmers, selecting their exercises to best compete with their teammates.

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