Dryland Descend Fartlek Set

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

3 x 9:00 continuous @ 10:30
   50 freestyle smooth breathing every 3
   10 squats
   50 freestyle from dive @ ~P200 +2
   5 push-ups
  50 freestyle from dive all out
  3 in & outs (climb out of pool, hop back in)
Do as many rounds as possible in 9:00

2nd 9:00 – swimmers do br or fly
3rd 9:00 – swimmers do backstroke

Wetland Challenge Set

Ryan Woodruff
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We did this set last week to include a little dryland in a swimming set (wetland as we call it).  We got excellent efforts and all reported it to be a challenging set. SCM. Interval ended up being 8:00.  Swimmers could choose what order they wanted to do the dryland exercises.  For instance, they could do the 20 x squats w/ high kick after the 1st 100, the 5 burpees after the 2nd 100, the 15 frog jumps after the 3rd 100, etc.  They just had to complete all 4 dryland sets each time.  This led to some interesting strategy among our best swimmers, selecting their exercises to best compete with their teammates.

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