Burning The Candle at Both Ends

Erik Wiken

First time I ran this, kids had never heard of the phrase before and didn’t understand why I would call this set that name. After 20 x 25s, they knew why…

1. Partner Up:

-You will need 1 Buoy & 1 Kickboard per tandem, both with center-mount snorkel (HIGHLY recommended)
2. 20 x 25 @ 1:00 (interval & # of repeats according to ability)

(want to make it longer?, suggest breaking @ 1/2 or 1/3s with a 50 easy on same interval)

One person does a 25 sprint scull (hands out in front of snorkel), head in line

The other person does a 25 sprint FR tombstone kick**, head in line

Rotate equipment after each 25
**Tombstone Kick: Stand board on end, grab 1/2 way and stick bottom half in the water. Board stays vertical. (We also do tombstone kick sets where the last repeat (usually 25s) we “bury it”, board is vertical and totally submerged.)

Editor’s Note: This set was first published to the Swimming Wizard blog in 2010

“On Your Own” Freestyle Set with Coach Erik Wiken

Coach Erik Wiken

Swimmers are working on either their 200 or 1500 Freestyle events for this 25 minute Set. For 200s, they are doing 25 x 50. They start with one easy, then one build, then one at race pace. If they succeed at making that one, they do another one pace. If they succeed at that one, they do another one build and then one at pace. Any time they fail at making race pace, they cycle back to the top of the set.

For the milers, the set is 100s @:20 rest with a similar succeed/fail flow chart. You get the idea.

Editor’s note: We love how this encourages athletes to take ownership during the set and watch their own times. Coach Wiken says “I’m still monitoring, loosely, it’s more so to keep everyone moving the same direction.. they should know what they’re holding or should be holding at this point in our season. Kids who are on are having a lot of success in the set while others are given opportunities to be successful and continue to be a part of the set.”