200 Race Pace Set with Coach Sinclair

Josh Sinclair

Working at an all boys school with some talented boys aged 10-14.  This is a 200 LC pace set I did with them that had them blowing… but they loved it.  Had a good teaching element to it as well in how to attack their 200.  I jokingly nicknamed this the ride the unicorn set as I challenged the squad to try and get 50’s 2-4 to be as close in time as possible to the 1st 50.

Decoding the set

TS = team swim

MPT = mid pool turn

DK = dolphin kicks

DS = dive start

FS = float start

PS = push start

DPS = distance per stroke

F.A.T = for a time

PBB = pull buoy + band

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Age Group Kick Set from Results H20 and Coach Josh Sinclair, Queensland, Australia

Josh Sinclair
Head Coach
Results H2O Swimming
Queensland, Australia

This is a kick set that we did on Saturday… It is a 2km kick set that works on hypoxic, balance and body position and quality.   When doing kick sets I like to always ensure it is challenging and engaging to the individual, so rather then just kick to a cycle or for distance I get them to hold under their pace 200, the “I don’t like kick” kids held pace 200 +5 or +10 and the “I hate kick” kids wore short Finz.