Twenty Ways to Do 20 x 25 – #4

Ryan Woodruff, North Carolina Aquatic Club

Developing Devastating Underwater Kicks

20 x 25
Put cones or other markers at 5-yard intervals on the pool bottom

#1 – underwater dolphin 5 yards fast then ez swim @:30
#2 – underwater dolphin 10 yards fast then ez swim @:30
#3 – underwater dolphin 15 yards fast then ez swim @:30
#4 – ez freestyle @:20
#5 – max speed 25 yard underwater kicks @ 1:00
repeat up to 20

To make this set even more effective, you can do the following:
1) Use a tempo trainer for the dolphin kicks. Suggested tempos: 0.50 for round 1, 0.40 for round 2, 0.30 for round 3, self-selected tempo (no device) on round 4. Only very good kickers will be able to hold 0.30 and still kick efficiently.
2) Time all of the kicks or just #5. If the athlete sticks to the tempos, these should give you an idea of the most efficient tempo for the athlete to be kicking at.
3) Do it all with a parachute on. That sounds like fun!
4) Do it fins on. Or fins and a parachute. Or running shoes!