Targeted Finishes Pace Work with Coach Mike Pestorius

Mike Pestorius, Somerset Valley YMCA

This set was for our 13-14 year-olds in a 25m pool.

5 rounds of 6 x 100

The challenge is for the lane leader to finish on the :00 (second in the lane always on :05, 3rd on :10). 

Therefore, in the fast lanes, the kids need to go 1:20s on #1&2 (leave on the :40, finish on :00). #3 & 4, shoot for 1:15, #5, shoot for a 1:10, #6 is all out.  The interval is 2:00 when the goal is steady, 2:05when the goal gets faster.  Took a bit to explain it to the kids, but they really enjoyed it. We reset between rounds and took an easy 50 after rounds 4 and 5. 

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