Freestyle Race Pace Spectrum

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

This set allowed us to hit race over a range of distances from 100 to 500 pace. It seemed a good challenge — doable and not super-hard.


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Race Speed with Coach Heiko Fikenzer

Coach Heiko Fikenzer, SV Neptun Recklinghausen, Germany

This plan we did on SCM. We always have 3 lanes and today 5 swimmers per lane.

Pre and Quality – Set we did 2 times – 1 in Stroke (not Free) and 1 in Second Stroke/Free or IM.

bel = choice
TÜ = drill

Be = kick  (with speed variation)

The Main Set are Broken 200 – each with 20seconds Rest – only the last starts at A:0:30
Rü = Back ez
Kr = Free  ez

Flo means Fins

I love the progression of speed during the set – ok – not only me – the swimmers too 😊

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200 Race Pace Set with Coach Sinclair

Josh Sinclair

Working at an all boys school with some talented boys aged 10-14.  This is a 200 LC pace set I did with them that had them blowing… but they loved it.  Had a good teaching element to it as well in how to attack their 200.  I jokingly nicknamed this the ride the unicorn set as I challenged the squad to try and get 50’s 2-4 to be as close in time as possible to the 1st 50.

Decoding the set

TS = team swim

MPT = mid pool turn

DK = dolphin kicks

DS = dive start

FS = float start

PS = push start

DPS = distance per stroke

F.A.T = for a time

PBB = pull buoy + band

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200 Race Pace Stroke Set

Alex Morris, Kansas City Blazers

Looking to build speed on the stroke 50s throughout the set, work on closing speed in a 200 race

2 rounds, can change stroke between rounds

100 free @ 1:45

2×50 stroke @ :50 – 200RP +1

100 Free @ 1:45

4×50 @ 1:00 – @ 200RP

100 free @ 1:45

6×50 @ 1:10 – 200RP -1

300 ez – 50 kick/50 scull/50 drill

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Build-up 100s

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA


We did this quality set interspersed with some stretch cord work today.

The goal on the 35 and 65 was to get a total time faster than your best 100.

Goal on the 85 was to beat best 100 time by 4 seconds.

Goal on the 100 was simply AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

I really liked how it demanded flat-out speed early on and then encouraged them to hold it for longer.

400 Free Race Prep Set with Coach Westerberg

Gordy Westerberg, Clovis Swim Club

3 Rounds

50 chute for feel

50 from dive on :50

3×100 at 400 pace on interval ~25 seconds rest

50 push all out


Goal of this set was to work on the middle 300 of a 400. I wanted them to go fast on the dive, not reckless, so they start the 3x100s with an elevated HR. Then apply pressure on all 3 100s. Once they are really tired, then sprint that last 50.

Results? They were way too conservative on round 1 in the dive and first 2 100s. Round 2 was better and then round 3 is where they should’ve been.

Quality Set for 3rd 50s

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

The purpose of this set was to work on the 3rd 50 of our 200 events. The shorter interval on the 2nd 50 makes that 3rd one a bit tougher, so the goal was to keep #3 equal to number 1 and 2. Then bring #4 home even faster. The first three were done to a “foot touch” and the last one to a hand finish.

Race Pace and Technique Set with Video

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

We use 5 lanes of our 6-lane pool during practice. We did the following circuit that used an underwater camera hooked up to a time-delayed DVR and TV. The camera was positioned to gets “head-on” look at the swimmer coming down the lane. We looked at the video immediately after each swimmer finished the 25 in lane 6. This allowed us to make some technical adjustments while still performing a challenging set. Swimmers left the wall :15 apart so that the camera could adequately film each one.