39 Swim Coaching Videos You Need to Watch

Many of these have been featured in “the wake-up swim.” Here I put them all in one spot so you can binge-watch them if you wish.  -RW

Drill Videos:

1. “Paddlehead” drill for perfecting freestyle breathing technique.


2. Backstroke Start Progression with Georgia Davies:

3. A drill to help with timing of the breath in freestyle:

4. Breaststroke Speed Drill

5. Start Drill with Tyler McGill and Brett Hawke:

6. Sean Quinn puts a new “spin” on open turns:

7. Breaststroke Single-leg kicking

8. The “Plunge for Distance”

9. Early Vertical Forearm Drill with Beth Winkowski

10. Ankle flexibility exercises to improve dolphin kicking:

11. Backstroke drills:

12. One-arm scoop drill. Classic. Simple. Helpful.

13. Freestyle catch drill with coach Steve Jungbluth:

14. Freestyle “archer” drill

15. Backstroke weight drill:

16. Backstroke cues:

17. Butterfly power

18. Tow-in turns:

19. Stay tight for the turns:

Motivational/Philosophical Videos:

20. On setting impossible goals with Alex Honnold:

21. The great coach-player relationship between Steve Kerr and Steph Curry:

22. WHY do you coach?

23. Billy Donovan on building the best teams:

24. David Cutcliffe on confidence:

25. How NOT to motivate the lazy athlete with Brett Bartholomew:

Example Videos (to show your swimmers great technique):

26. Butterfly technique

27. Getting tight on a freestyle flip turn:

28. Dolphin Kicking and a Backstroke breakout:

29. Breaststroke Turn example with Nic Fink:

30. Freestyle from all angles:

31. Adam Peaty breaststroke:

32. Breaststroke from a head-on angle:

33. Backstroke head-on:

34. Katie Ledecky Freestyle technique:

35. Kim Vandenberg’s Streamline and breakout:

36. Amazing underwater dolphin kicking:

37. Dana Vollmer’s Butterfly:

38. Butterfly from a side angle:

39. Breaststroke, “hiding” the kick behind the body

3 thoughts on “39 Swim Coaching Videos You Need to Watch

  1. Thank you for posting these excellent videos! I coach for a club swim program and am always on the lookout for new drills and swim ideas to help my swimmers improve their technique.


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