Sprint Set with Muscle-Ups

Ryan Lee
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

We use our starting blocks at our pool to perform muscle ups and combine it with sprints.  Our stronger athletes can perform them without the use of their legs and the others bounce off the bottom of the pool to complete the technique.  But, always focusing on contracting the triceps at the end of the muscle up.
4 Rounds – 
3 Muscle – ups 
25 Blast (12 ½, mid pool turn, 12 ½ back to block)
3 Muscle – ups 

*25 Blast are choice of stroke* 

200 Recovery 

4 Rounds 
12 ½ Mid pool dead float blast to block 
5 Muscle – ups 
25 Max speed 

*12 ½ and 25 are choice of stroke*

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