Working Race Pace for the 500 Free

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

I like doing sets like this for our middle-distance races. Doing just a few 50s at 500 pace doesn’t do much, but when you add some real quantity and change up the interval with short rest, you start mimicking the burn of that 4th 100 of the race. Warning: this one hurts!

2 thoughts on “Working Race Pace for the 500 Free

  1. for the 500 pacing set, what is the rest interval we are looking for in the 50s? I’ve got some masters swimmers that need these intervals adjusted.


    1. Our swimmers were swimming these 50s between :27 and :31, so it was anywhere from :09 to :23. That varied amount of rest is part of the point of the set. I would expect Masters swimmers to need a little more rest, depending on age.

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