The American Standard

Chris Webb, SwimMAC Carolina

1×100 fly on 3:00
1×100 bk on 3:00
1×100 br on 3:00
1×100 fr on 3:00
1×200 IM on 6:00
1×200 fly on 6:00
1×200 bk on 6:00
1×200 br on 6:00
1×200 fr on 6:00
1×400 IM

All 100's must be within 10 seconds for boys and 8 seconds for girls of the American record,all 200 must be within 20 seconds for boys and 16 seconds for girls, and the 400 IM  I like to use 30.  All  the seconds you accumulate over the records add up for a total score.

 The lowest total boy's and girl's score set the “standard”.  Set whatever time standard or “seconds over the record” that fits your group's ability. 

On a swim by swim basis for every second a swimmer misses the 10 or 8 over standard the swimmer will owe 2 burpees at the end of the entire set.

 This set helps familiarize swimmers with the fastest times in every event. 

  Do this set once per cycle and compare times. Have title belts/ and or plaques with a ceremony for the top girl and boy that rewards their well rounded IM racing focus.

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