Speed set for taper time

Jack D. Roney
Assistant Senior Coach/YOTA Masters

Here is a set that I have found extremely beneficial as a great “Approaching Taper” speed set. It allows the swimmers to focus on quality of stroke while still trying to put in some speed as the athletes approach a taper meet.

500 Free on 5:30
16×25 (1-Smooth / 3-FAST) on :40

400 Free on 5:30

12×25 (1- Smooth / 2-FAST) on :40

300 Free on 5:30

8×25 (1-Smooth / 1-FAST) on :40

200 Free on 5:30

4×25 (ALL FAST) on :40

100 Free on 5:30

1×50 (For Time — SPRINT)

**NOTES: The 500/400/300/200/100 should be all focus on technique. A bit more speed may have to be put into the first 500 depending on the level of swimmer you are coaching, but the 400/300/200/100 should become much “easier” to make the interval. Therefore, attention to detail in EVERY aspect remains high. Perfection swimming is the goal in all non-“FAST” swims.

As you get more rest, the FAST 25s should be as described (100% intensity) but with obvious focus on technique.

I made the athletes hop out of the water after the 300/200/100 and stretch for several minutes before the next set of 25s began.

Quality during the weeks leading up to a meet was the main focus when I was being coached, and is by-far the most important aspect in my workouts AS a coach for my athletes as we approach our taper meet.

2 thoughts on “Speed set for taper time

  1. Hi! My daughter is 10 and is doing an open at the end of September doing, 50m for each stroke and 100 IM. Can you please suggest taper workout for this? I would like to do HIIT sets for each stroke, but I am not sure what rest time I should apply in between sets? Thanks for your help


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