200 focus with Coach Brad Herndon

Brad Herndon
Head Coach
Greensboro Community YMCA

High Performance Based Main Set/Practice

Distance Focus = 200

Part I. Odd Rounds Free, Even Rounds Stroke 44 min

4 x 25’s Drill, Build, or Technique Work (set up for 200 fast)
1 x 75 Fast (Feel is of the first 75 of a 200, kids go ALL OUT)
1 x 100 Fast (Building legs while maintaining core strength, feel is of the middle 100, kids go ALL OUT)
1 x 75 (1 x 25 ALL OUT and finish, go straight into a 50 EZ)

Odd Rounds FREE :25/:50/1:10/1:20 (5 min)
Even Rounds STROKE/IM :30/1:10/1:20/1:30 (6 min)

Periodically we will get times on the broken 200’s in total as best we can…swimmers you are to know this as well if asked!

Part II. 20-minute Follow-Up/ Partner Dryland/Swim: 24 min

Partner-up (getting half OFF deck, and half OUT of the water): One swimmer swims a 100, this is ALWAYS done as an EZ first 50, then an ALL OUT SPRINT second 50, to mimic 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 50’s at 200 GOAL Pace, but go ALL OUT. As your partner swims, you do dryland on deck which ranges from sit-ups/planks/jump rope/push-ups/med ball tosses/med ball slams. Switch for 20 minutes in duration, all are to get in at least 6 x100’s apiece, let’s see who can get as many or more than 8 x 100’s.

Part III. Culmination: 8 min

1 x 200 ALL OUT in your specialty 200 event, individually in heats. One per lane, teammates will give you your 100 splits!

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