12 Fascinating Things I Read in 2012

Ryan Woodruff

Not a workout, but some resources especially for coaches that I came across this year…

1. Former Texas A & M Football Coach Mike Sherman’s Letter To Texas High School Football Coaches by Chris Brown This is an incredible piece of writing that makes me think about why I coach.

2. The Surfer’s Guide to Taking Risks by Srinivas Rao Some great advice in the context of a beautiful sport.

3. Quantum Thinking When Coaching Swimmers by Jonty Skinner, Beijing Blog. Skinner might be on the frontier (fringe?) of modern thought on swim training and I find his ideas curiously stimulating.

4. The Toughest Coach There Ever Was by Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated A must-read for coaches in any sport.

5. The Greatest Assistant Coaching Article Ever Written by Wayne Goldsmith. This boldly titled article delivers on its promise.  I wish I had read this 10 years ago.

6. High Volume or High Velocity by Paul Yetter, Developing The Champion Within Blog. Yetter answers one of swimming’s longest-standing debates with the best answer I have heard yet.

7. Did You See The Gorilla? An Interview with Psychologist Daniel Simons by David DiSalvo: The psychology behind this is fascinating.

8. The Fifty-Nine Story Crisis: A Lesson in Professional Behavior: A powerful lesson on admitting your mistakes.

9. Standing Near Greatness by Ashley Harrell: Find out what it is like to be Tim Tebow’s teammate and Urban Meyer’s doormat.

10. Marathon Man Kip Litton is a Fraud by Mark Singer: You won’t believe the lengths this guy went to…

11. You are Not Lazy, and Still You Are an Idler by Abraham Lincoln from Letters-of-Note blog: Strong words of advice from our nation’s greatest President.

12. Rich Thompson’s Pact With Baseball by Johnette Howard, ESPN.com: An inspiring story of faith, persistence, and dreams come true.

And one last memorable tidbit, from the “Faces In the Crowd: Coaches’ Edition” in Sports Illustrated:


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