Distance Kicking Test Set

Ryan Woodruff


We performed the following kick set last night in order to test our kicking ability and fitness coming off a recent taper meet.  It is essentially three broken 1,000s with some easy swim and drill mixed in between.

In the first 1,000, swimmers could use a board if they liked or could kick in any of our standard body positions. Typically when given this option, many of our swimmers prefer to kick on their backs.  For the second 1,000, no boards were allowed and swimmers had to wear a snorkel, meaning that they had to kick either face down or on their side (which we do for free and fly kick).  The third 1,000 used Streamline Sticks at the 12.5 yard mark and emphasized underwater dolphin kicking (in any body position) and the swimmers could choose the body position to continue kicking in once they surfaced.  We recorded total times for each 1,000 and will use this information to develop kicking intervals for the next few months of training.

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