Michael Kraeuter, Blue Wave Swim Team

This works best in a short course pool and if you have an even number of swimmers.

Put half your swimmers at one end and the other half at the other about the same numbers in each lane.  When you say “go” one swimmer in each lane will begin. When that swimmer reaches the other side their teammate gives them 5 seconds from when their feet leave the wall and then they push off chasing them down the pool. Their teammate on the other side will do the same for them, then the chaser becomes the chased and so on and so forth.  

If you get caught as the one being chased or you don’t catch the one you are chasing you have 5 push-ups for each.  This keeps going for as long as you would like and you can use any of the strokes.  I find it works on a few things; it makes the swimmer work both parts of the 50 it also works on their mental state of chasing someone down or being chased by someone in a race and still pushing through while staying focused on the task at hand.  They get more rest between swims depending on how many swimmers you have placed in each lane.  Fun but very hard set!

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