More Fun With PVC Pipes – Kick Sticks

Chad Onken, YMCA of the Triangle Area

Here is another “fun” thing we do at YOTA. We have a 4 foot piece of 1/2 inch PVC piping that we drilled holes into on each side. We strung through a mesh bag on both sides. We use these “kick sticks” to focus on proper body position and core stability while kicking. The resistance of the mesh bags adds a bit of a challenge. We'll do a series of fast and moderate kicking, with a majority of the kicking underwater (no breath) or with a snorkel (proper head position). It breaks the monotony of using a kickboard or kicking on your back. You can kick with fins, shoes, snorkels – the possibilities are endless. It's a great tool to focus on strong, fast legs…..

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