Short Axis Co-Training

Ryan Woodruff, North Carolina Aquatic Club

The shared short-axis rotation of breaststroke and butterfly can be co-trained by going back and forth between the two. This can help your butterflyers be better breaststrokers and vice versa.

Configure intervals to have about :10 rest after each repeat.

1 x 100 Breast kick with board
1 x 25 Fly Sprint no breath
1 x 75 Breast drill
1 x 50 Fly swim
1 x 50 Breast swim
1 x 75 Fly smooth swim
1 x 25 Breast- underwater pullouts or no breath swim
1 x 100 Fly kick on side

Then go:
2 x 100…
2 x 25…

The first round isn’t so tough, but it will get better as you go up in reps!

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