150s Madness

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA


The format is similar to my most recent other post, with a more aerobic focus. The intervals stay the same for each part, with the quantities at each interval shifting slightly. The effect is a set that gets steadily a bit harder, with the peak intensity coming in the final 4 x 150 at the end. FPA = Fastest Possible Average.

4 thoughts on “150s Madness

  1. Hi Ryan – thanks for your great workouts. What are the times in green under the intervals up top? How much rest do your swimmers get on those intervals? It will help me figure this out for my Masters swimmers. thanks!


    1. Hello. The green is the pace per 100, which I include so that our swimmers can understand the pace they need to go to make the interval. In most cases, we were getting :05-:15 rest. Thanks for reading!


      1. Excellent – that’s what I thought but wanted to make sure. Just curious – do you ever use tempo trainers in their caps so they can get good at pacing per different distances?


      2. I have used tempo trainers in the past, but not for pacing as much as tempo-specific sprints. You can see the tag “tempo trainer” on the blog to see a few of these. When it comes to pacing, I mostly prefer that they just develop a sense for it.


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