Gotta Hit Those Walls

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

This set was originally published here in 2016

So much of performing good turns in short course fly and breaststroke swims comes from spacing the cycles out correctly.  The key is that swimmers hit the wall at the conclusion of a full cycle, and not on a short stroke or a long glide.  This set is simple but demands exactly that.

6 x 25 Breast @ :35 — Hit the wall correctly at specified cycle count or it doesn’t count (take :20 extra rest and then continue

100 ez free

6 x 25 Breast @ :30 — same instructions as above

100 ez free

6 x 25 Breast @ :25 — same instructions above.

100 ez free

200 Breast  odd 25s at min cycle count, even 25s 15m speed drill, 10m long and smooth strokes

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