IM Stairs

Coach Jorrit Verhaar, Netherlands

As a variation on IM and to focus on endurance and speed, we did some IM stairs. With butterfly and free as the focus of the set and back and breast as a active recovery:

100 easy freestyle

2 x 250 IM Stairs, 20 sec rest interval.
1st stair
1 butterfly 80%
2 backstroke 50-60%
3 breaststroke 50-60%
4 freestyle 80-100 %

20 seconds interval

2nd stair
4 butterfly 60-80%
3 backstroke 50-60%
2 breaststroke 50-60%
1 freestyle 80-100 %

100 easy freestyle.
variation 2

2 sets of
100 easy freestyle
100 IM
100 IM with a * joker :

Keep IM order but replace 1 stroke for of 1 other the strokes.
( example : •worst for best, •slow for fast, •hated for loved)

100 IM
100 IM with a * joker.
100 easy freestyle.
50 the stroke you skipped 😉

We found that
Butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke were replaced in about a 40-40-20 ratio.
It gives sense of swimmer ownership.
And as a coach valuable info about the why a stroke is being skipped 😉

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