15- Minute Kick for Distance Test Set

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

This is one of my favorite kick sets. For each of the blue times, the swimmer is trying to kick as far as possible. I use a wrench banging on the side of the pool to tell each successive group when their time is up. When they have completed the time, they pick their head up and check their distance (I have set kickboards on the side of the pool every 5m/yards) to the nearest meter. Returning to the wall, they immediately start the 200 ez.

The goal for 2:10= 2x the achieved 1:00 Distance.

Goal for 4:30 = 2x the 2:10 distance

Goal for 4:20 = beat the 4:30 distance.

Goal for 2:00 = beat the 2:10 distance.

Goal for :50 = beat the 1:00 distance.

Total time kicked is 15:00, so we write down the distances and add them up for total distance kicked in 15:00.

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