Age Group IM Set

Lucas Ferreira
Gwinnett Aquatics

Here’s an IM set our top Age Groupers (all in Middle school) did a couple weeks ago, that even surprised me on how well it worked:

4×100 FR IM Descend 1:40

4×25 FLY DPS 0:30

4×50 Drill, IMO 1:05

0:30 Rest

4×100 FR IM, make it 1:30

4×25 FLY DPS 0:25

4×50 Dr / Sw, IMO 1:10

1:00 Rest

4×100 IM RACE! From dive! 2:30

Notes: FR IM means we do Fr/Bk/Br/Fr. As you can see, we take care of the fly as well. We train SCM, and those intervals were designed with specific swimmers in mind (they really had to push to make the harder interval on those 100s). I had other lanes in different intervals, and I adjusted the sets so that everyone was together for the last 4×100. That worked out great, since we could get in ‘heats’ to really race! Many kids posted their fastest 4 100 IMs ever in our odd 25.2m pool at the end of the set. To me, that makes any set a successful one.

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