The Cookie Set

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

We did this set yesterday.  Our goal today was to get in some quality fast swims of all strokes. We train primarily in a SCM pool, so it is sometimes a challenge to relate training times to SCY race times.  Today’s set was an attempt to do that and it worked very well.

7 x 85m from a start @ 7:00
– timed to head crossing the line.

– first four swims had to be of athlete’s best 100 yard event
– last three were choice
– we left one lane open for warm-down between swims
– Goal: Beat your best 100 yard time. In order to meet this goal, athletes had to swim at around 93% of race pace, as 85m is about 93 yards.  I estimated that this would be a difficult challenge for seven consecutive swims that began after we had already been practicing for an hour.

We had 19 people at practice, which meant there were 133 total swims.  As a group incentive, I promised the swimmers that if they beat their best times in at least 80 of the 133 swims, my wife would bake them cookies for after our Christmas Eve morning practice this Saturday.

They started out a bit behind pace to make the 80 mark on the first round, but came on strong in rounds 2 through 4 to achieve the group incentive with 1 round to go.

Fire up the oven, honey!

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