4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Freestyle Set

  1. Hi Coach Heiko. Black simply refers to the lines of the set written in that color of ink. We don't use any sort of color coded system for paces, if that is what you were asking.


  2. Thank you. Just wanted to know if there is a difference in the intesity in that set – I have “no idea” what “swim well” means – only that it should be with perfect technique, turns and so on.
    What does “4.D.R.” means?

    PS: great swim block – I like to find some inspiration
    Happy Christmas Greetings from Germany


  3. We let the intensity on this one be dictated by the interval… Make sure you swim fast enough to make it!

    4DR stands for 4-dolphin rule, meaning 4 dolphin kicks off every wall. It is a phrase I stole from Tony Batis.


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