8 Lifetime Bests in a Single Workout

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

Typically twice per short course season (once in the fall, and once in Jan/Feb), I have our older swimmers bring their old “tech suits” to practice one day to wear during a quality set.  The aim is three-fold:

1. Put up some fast times to validate our recent training and bolster our athletes’ self confidence.
2. Get some practice/rehearsal warming up, putting on the tech suit, and swimming with it on.  Swimming with a tech suit feels different, and we don’t want anything unexpected on race day.
3. Prepare for even faster swimming by… swimming fast!

This was last Saturday’s practice.  Each swimmer swam either 3 x 200 @ 22:00 or 5 x 100 @ 11:00 all out for time.  We had 8 lifetime bests swum during this practice and countless near-bests.

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