Max Effort with Coach Scott Thacker, SMAC

Scott Thacker
Head Coach SMAC Swimming
Waynesboro Family YMCA

Here is a set from this morning with our Senior Silver and Senior Gold Training Groups:

M.E= max effort
hypo= hypoxic work. Rest interval is 6 relaxed exhales. This allows them to focus on their breath and heart rate versus an interval.

Ended up being a good mix.

2x [12×50 1:00
[Rd 1: O: FL M.E E: FR 500p
[Rd 2: O: BK M.E E: FR 500p
[12×25 M.E :30
[Rd 1: FL
[Rd 2: BK
[200 ez bt rounds

16×25 FR fins hypo 3-2-1-0 x 25s 6 exhales

15×100 50 FL+50 BK 1:45
  1. DPS
  2. 25 M.E+75 DPS
  3. 50 M.E+50 DPS
  4. 75 M.E+25 DPS
  5. M.E

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