Kick & Distance Free Set With the Greensboro Community Y

Brad Herndon
Head Coach
Greensboro Community YMCA Makos

I keep getting great ideas from this page, so I wanted to give back…not even sure what’s originally ours anymore, but here’s our toughest set so far this season, based on how kids worked it and feedback we got:
Distance Free set for our National/National Prep groups, faster intervals were for our National kids, slower for National Prep – set took a little over 58 minutes for Nat, a little under 1 hr 10 minutes for Nat Prep.  The goal was to build kick each swim with the same amount of effort used on the 25 x kicks.
Note arrows on the left, kids went all the way up to 500 yard free for time, which they only did once (fastest boy 4:59, fastest girl 5:27), then went back the other way down to 2 x 25’s Kick (Total set yardage = 4000, 1500 kick, 2500 swim)

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