Challenging Set from Coach Chris Flamion, B.R. Ryall YMCA

Chris Flamion
B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team

Wanted to share a set that my assistant coach has been using for nearly a decade.   The whole set started when one of his athletes was a a meet, swam the 100 Free, hopped out and right up onto the blocks for a 500 Free.  The set is named after the athlete and he still gets asked about the set from time to time.  The athlete recently finished 14th at Trials.

We use this about 5-6 Weeks out from Championships as a bit of a gut check, and to really show the athletes where they are.  We record all the times from the set and compare them year to year.

Most of the 100s are within 3-4 seconds of lifetime, and the 500 varies heavily but normally within 20 seconds.  We do occasionally get some lifetime best in the 500s
6 Rounds:

100 Free All Out From a Dive @ 3:00
500 Best effort @ 7:00

IM Variant: We started doing variants as some of our Senior Group don’t swim the 500, or any free.  We wanted the IMers to force to sprint their worst stroke as they will rarely do it on their own.  100s were really good, most within 1 or 2 seconds, and the 400IMs were universally within 15 seconds
6 Rounds:

100 Worst Stroke @ 3:00
400 IM Best Effort @ 7:00

Sprint Variant: This was also all new this year and put the sprinters in some of the highest lactate levels I have ever seen.  50s started within a seconds of Lifetime and dropped off dramatically.  200s started within 10s and a handful held it, most faded pretty badly.
9 Rounds:
50 Free All out Dive @ 2:00
200 Best Effort @ 4:00

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