Backstroke Mania

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

We were in need of a backstroke technique set with some moderately intense backstroke swimming on tight-ish intervals.  This set seemed to do the trick.

S-S-S means scull-scull-stroke, which is a backstroke drill that we do where the swimmer takes two backstroke sculls with a single arm (down to the armpit) and then takes a full stroke with that same arm.  Swimmer then performs the same on the opposite side.

Partner pushes: One swimmer streamlines on his back with feet on partner’s head.  2nd swimmer swims backstroke, pushing his partner down the pool.  First saw this drill here.  This serves 3 purposes:

1. Adds resistance to backstroke swimming
2. Forces swimmer to keep head still
3. Does not allow swimmers to cross their arms over their head on the entry of the hands into the water.

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