One lane kick set

Coach Erik Wiken

I have our highest age groupers, but there is a range in kicking ability from the newest of the group (1:50, All out FR kick with board) to most experienced (1:20, the same). We also have a transition period where we are limited in space for a short period of time (15 Minutes), there are four different groups in the water, every day. Yesterday we did this with 11 in one lane (pool is 12.5 yards of shallow water). If your pool is all shallow, you can comfortably fit 20 age groupers in one lane. Granted, the next lane might prove to be a bit small for the duration of the kick set..

The purpose of this set was to get our swimmers to kick in a neutral body position using the snorkel without worrying about boards, turns slowing us down, missing intervals and getting in some wall work too. The time periods are such that there is no time to screw around and I would recommend keeping things short, any increase would be in the hard flutter over time.

(25 minutes) 5 Times through the following cycle all with snorkel, me with my whistle:

(1:20 for each round, 3 rounds per cycle + 50 swim = 5:00 per cycle)

20 seconds moderate flutter (for kick technique focus, ie “gaining knowledge”)
20 seconds hard flutter (“application of knowledge”)
20 seconds streamline jumps (Snorkel off! What age grouper doesn’t like streamline jumps?)
20 seconds rest (put your snorkel back on)
1 x 50 Moderate Swim @ 1:00 (Snorkel optional. all swim an entire 50, same direction, back to their spot on the wall)

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