Endurance with Speed Set

Jack Roney

YOTA Swimming (Raleigh, NC)

A great set to work some aerobic endurance while keeping the R&S (Racing and Speed) a significant factor.

8×75 on :50 (Adjust Interval so that swimmer averages no more than :05 sec rest – “:00-:05 sec. rest”)

4×25 (1-Easy / 3-ALL OUT) on 1:00

6×150 on 1:40 (Adjusted Interval – :05-:10 sec. rest)

6×25 (2x — 1-Easy / 2-ALL OUT) on 1:00

4×300 on 3:20 (Adjusted Interval – :10-:15 sec. rest)

8×25 (4x — 1-Easy / 1-ALL OUT) on 1:00

The 75s/150s/300s are created to represent a group of swimmers training at a sustained 1:06 Base Interval. This 1:06 was projected to give the swimmers between :00 and :05 sec. rest on the 75s:05-:10 sec. rest on the 150s – and :10-:15 sec. rest on the 300s.

After the 75s / 150s / 300s the swimmers did an easy 25 on 1:00 – then went into 3 / 2 / or 1 FAST 25 depending on where in the set they were. As the set advanced on, the amount of FAST 25s decreases, to where they are alternating Easy/FAST for the last set of 25s on 1:00 (Essentially — 4×25 FAST on 2:00)

The swimmers did a decent warm-up and prep. set beforehand. My aim was to make sure they were not tired before the set, but also were not rested and full of energy before we began. This way they would demonstrate great technique/quality swimming while making sure their body is working hard!

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