Speed with Unique Challenges

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA


Each round of this set, we swapped in a mystery set that the swimmers did not know ahead of time as the “unique challenge” in brackets.

The last challenge was “Save your partner”. Each swimmer had to swim a 100 off the blocks under a certain coach-determined time. Fail to make the time and your partner has to do it too. It was a somewhat clumsy attempt to get some peer-pressure motivation going.

The rest of the set worked well, with some of the unique challenges being a bit off-the-wall.

FPA = Fastest Possible Average

5 thoughts on “Speed with Unique Challenges

  1. Can you elaborate on the partner pull and what the acronyms FPA & HVO stand for? This seems like a great w/o & would love to do it w my kids this evening.

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    1. Partner Pull: One person swims while their partner holds on to their ankles and gets dragged along. FPA = Fastest Possible Average (swim the set with effort that gives your fastest possible average). HVO = High Velocity Overload, this is a term that came from Bill Sweetenham. Essentially, HVOs are 25s at 100 pace or faster.

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