Shreveport Sequel: Descending/Challenge Set

Dustin Myers, City of Shreveport Swim Team

Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog.  I think one of the great things about USA Swimming is thE fact that we share all of our ideas.  It's what makes us great.
Adjust intervals to fit the needs of your swimmers.  The intervals listed are the intervals we used for our top group.  Take 0:30 rest inbetween each set.
10 x 100  @  1:20 
8 x 100  @  1:15 
6 x 100  @  1:10  
4 x 100  @  1:05
? x 100  @  1:00
On the last set of 100's the goal is to do as many as possible.  The most I had from my group was 4 (0:56, 0:58, 0:58, 0:59).  Average was 2. 

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