IM Ready with Coach Mike Cook

Coach Mike Cook
Mason Makos

We are 2 weeks out from our IMX meet and so we did this set with our senior prep group(11-14)

4×200 IM/free @2:45
4×100 IM FAST@1:40
4×50 fly/back @1:00

3×200 IM/free@2:45
3×100 IM FAST @1:30
3×50 back /breast @50

2×200 IM/free@2:45
2×100 IM FAST@1:20
2×50 breast/free@1:00

1×200 IM/free@2:45
1×100 IM FAST @1:15
1×50 free all out

1×400 IM ( get out and dive at each wall how tight can you make those streamlines)

All 200 IM are distance for stroke on IM portion.  All free is fast

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