Race Pace Set For Split Group

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA


For this set, our training group was organized into swimmers who specialize in 200 & down (shorter) events and those who specialize in 200 & up (longer) events. For the first two rounds, the instructions were the same. For the last two rounds, we performed the 50s slightly differently.

P200 = Race pace for a 200 yard event

P100 = Race pace for a 100 yard event

P500 = Race pace for a 500 yard event

PMile= Race pace for the 1650

EZ = Easy

The 500 served as active recovery/technique work and preparation for the following set of 50s.

2 thoughts on “Race Pace Set For Split Group

  1. So. Much. Yardage. What makes a 500 “better” for recovery than a 200 or even 300. 1, 2, or 3 straight repeats at P-100/200/500 isn’t much reinforcement of what that pace is really like. May be better off doing 6/6 split for the 12 or 4/4/4 for P-100.


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